Protein pancakes – High protein pancake recipe

Protein pancake recipeHere is a great recipe for protein pancakes. This protein pancake recipe is really easy to make, it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare and cook.

Ingredients for the protein pancakes

2 whole eggs

6 egg whites

110g oats

60g dried chopped apricots

3/4 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1 tablespoon of low calorie sugar

How to make the protein pancakes

As I said earlier, they really couldn’t be any simpler to make.  Simply add all the ingredients into a blender and blend until it forms a smooth yet thick pancake batter.  Now heat up your pan on the hob, add a little oil and pour in the mixture.  This protein pancake recipe will make either one massive pancake, or a couple of smaller ones.  I prefer to cook a couple of the smaller protein pancakes as they are easier to flip.  But if you are in a rush just cook it all in one!

For the topping

These pancakes are pretty good on their own, but really as with all pancakes they need a topping to bring them to life.  If you are bulking then a little bit of honey or syrup with some chopped fruit goes down well, but I also quite like a spreading of natural peanut butter on top if you are trying to cut out the more sugary toppings.


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  1. Look tasty to me :) Cook long enough and they tend to last a good while too!

  2. look delicious :)

  3. Yup, I must say this is one of the best recipes which will surly help you to build your body. Protein pancakes are most important thing to build your inner strength. Now I’ll definitely keep work on it, too.

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