EAS MyoPro Whey Protein review

EAS MyoPro

EAS MyoPro whey is definitely one of my personal favourites when it comes to branded whey protein.  I think it encompasses everything a good mid range protein supplement should look to achieve.


OK, so lets start off with quality.  If you’ve delved into the supplement market before, I’m sure you would have heard of EAS.  They are an extremely reputable brand from America that are renowned for producing high quality supplements as well as working closely with various different athletes to create top class products.  They focus heavily on their sponsorship of American athletes including sports stars from the NFL and Major League Baseball.

Their MyoPro Whey protein follows suit as far as quality is concerned and fares well in the protein content department containing a blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.  According to their website, this results in 23g of protein per 30g serving along with 2g of fat and 2g of carbohydrates.  Now this is pretty decent figures as far as a whey protein blend is concerned, obviously this isn’t as high as a pure isolate product, but this is reflected in the affordable price which we will touch on later in the review.


In my opinion, the taste of this product is what really makes it a winner for me.  I am usually a bit of a sucker for vanilla flavoured products, but as far as I’m concerned, this has to be one of the best Vanilla whey protein’s on the market today.  I just love it!  The other flavours are good too, I would put the chocolate and strawberry on par in a very close second to the vanilla.  My least favourite of the flavours was the banana flavour, it wasn’t awful, but it certainly wasn’t my favourite and I have tasted nicer banana flavoured supplements on the market.


As far as mixibility goes, I had no problems what so ever.  I found the whey protein to be particularly fine which I think helped with the mixability of the product.  However I have heard some reviews that feel it could have been slightly better, although I strongly disagree with this so I wouldn’t let it put you off.


The product is very well priced, it’s not cheap, but neither is it expensive.  This makes it a great mid range product as far as I’m concerned as the quality could certainly justify a much higher price tag.

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  1. Good review, I purchased some from Muscle Finesse and was very pleased.

  2. The Vanilla EAS Myopro is lush!

  3. took me a while to browse all the comments, but I really enjoyed the subject that you chose. It looked to be very helpful to me and I am sure to all the other people who have looked at this blog, It’s always nice when your not only informed, but your also entertained! I’m positive you had fun writing this article. I’m going to grab your rss feed so I don’t miss anything important that you guys may come up with in the future, Thanks..

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