Gaspari Myofusion Review

Gaspari Myofusion ReviewWe really like Gaspari products at Gym Blog, so we have put together a Gaspari Myofusion review for the people who are considering buying this particular whey protein for themselves. We will be writing reviews for some of the other popular Gaspari products soon but we thought we would start things off with a Gaspari Myofusion review first of all.

Gaspari Myofusion is a whey protein all rounder and the cheaper of the two whey proteins in the Gaspari range. Myofusion is what’s known as a blended whey protein. It contains specific amounts of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, egg protein and milk protein isolate. As this blend contains a variety of fast and slower absorbing proteins it makes it a great product to take both in between meals and after workouts.

Gaspari Myofusion has an impressive protein content as well as a reasonably low amount of sugar per serving. Gaspari Myofusion is also regarded as one of the best tasting whey proteins on the market, there are some really interesting flavours that have been developed by Gaspari over the last couple of years. Some of these flavours include double chocolate, strawberries and cream, vanilla, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, banana and finally cookies and cream.

Gaspari Myofusion is also competitively priced and stacks up favourably against other whey proteins on the market.  Along with the high product quality assured by the Gaspari brand, the blends great flexibility and fantastic range of flavours this really is a highly recommended whey protein.

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  1. Definitely good taste. I’ve tried it, some of my friends use it and are happy with results. It mixes well, chocolate flavour is particularly good, I would not recommend the strawberry one.

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