Jack3d Review

jack3d reviewJack3d is a pre workout supplement produced by USP Labs.  Jack3d is claimed to aid “Ultra-intense muscle-gorging strength, energy, power and endurance.” And whilst this may sound a little bit over the top we thought we had to give it a go so we could bring you an unbiased Jack3d review of our own.

It is advised that you take Jack3d 30-45 minutes prior to your workout mixed with water.  The serving size is dependant upon you as an individual.  From feedback we have heard, a lot of people seem to respond differently to Jack3d and require varying amounts dependant on their body’s responsiveness to the supplement.  The recommended serving size as advertised by USP Labs is between 1-2 scoops however it has been reported that some users of Jack3d require up to 3 scoops to get the full effect of the pre workout supplement.

I personally use 2 scoops and get strong and consistent results each time when used a few times a week before workout sessions.  Just to clarify, this is a pre workout supplement so is only required before workouts and not on off days.  This means a 250g tub will last for a decent amount of time which makes Jack3d an affordable supplement for those looking to boost their performance in the gym and maximise their gains.

From the first session I used Jack3d I felt much more focussed and had one of the best workouts I had endured for a while.  I felt strong, full of energy and ready to hit the gym.  As far as pre workout supplements go I would say I have a medium tolerance to stimulants and Jack3d has been one of my favourites so far.  I would say by far the most positive element was the amount of focus I was able to achieve and for this reason alone I would use the Jack3d again.  The one side effect I noticed was a slight tingling in various areas of my body down to the stimulating effect of the supplement, however I wouldn’t call this a negative.  It was a good way of assessing the effectiveness of the supplement and gave me an almost euphoric feeling!

I have so far tried both the ‘tropical fruit punch’ and ‘lemon and lime’ flavours of Jack3d and both were perfectly fine.  I didn’t have a favourite and it was quite nice to mix up sessions with the different flavours as I had two tubs on the go at once.  There are also ‘blue raspberry’, ‘grape bubblegum’ and ‘raspberry lemonade’ flavours which have all received positive reviews online.  It just really depends on your own personal taste as to which flavour you go for first.
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