My Protein Review

My Protein review

My Protein is one of the most popular online bulk suppliers of sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements in the UK.  This is a short My Protein review to give you a run down of the types of products they offer and service they provide.

I will start this My Protein review by skimming through some of the more common bodybuilding supplements they offer.

My Protein produces extremely high quality products of the same standard as big bodybuilding supplement brands but at more competitive prices.  By buying in bulk you can really save quite a lot of money.

Whey protein supplements at My Protein

Impact Whey Protein

Impact whey protein is the cheapest whey protein supplement in the My Protein range.  It is a whey protein concentrate with a decent nutritional breakdown and amino acid profile.  It’s naturally higher in carbohydrates and lactose than the whey protein isolate variety sold at My Protein but it is considerably cheaper and is fine for bulking up when carbohydrate restriction isn’t such a big deal.  The range of flavours My Protein provide in the impact whey protein are pretty vast and all of a high quality.  I’ve found that the chocolate smooth flavour sold by My Protein is my personal favourite, but the vanilla and strawberry cream are good options too.

Impact Whey Isolate

The My Protein impact whey isolate is the higher quality whey protein supplement in the range.  My Protein’s impact whey isolate contains over 90% protein which is higher than the impact whey protein variety.  As mentioned earlier, the My Protein impact whey isolate also contains minimal amounts of carbohydrates, lactose and fat making it great for bodybuilders who are cutting down body fat levels or athletes wishing to maintain a lean physique using the highest quality whey protein supplement available.

Carbohydrate supplements at My Protein

Instant oats

Everyone knows oats are a great source of carbohydrates, they are low GI and supply a sustained release of energy to your body which is ideal for fuelling workouts in the gym.  My Protein sell an ultra fine variety of milled Scottish oats which can easily be consumed with liquid and mixed into your shakes throughout the day or before a workout.


My Protein also sell carbohydrates in bulk that are great for post workout consumption.  Maltodextrin is a high quality complex carbohydrate, however it is also a high GI carbohydrate, so it has the added bonus of spiking your insulin levels which is exactly what you require after a heavy workout to absorb protein and repair muscle tissue.


Dextrose is available at My Protein too and is another great carbohydrate to take in your post workout shake.  Dextrose is a simple carbohydrate which is usually what you would look for as a post workout carbohydrate supplement as it provides a great insulin spike.

My Protein review of service

For the final part of this My Protein review I will talk about the service they offer.  I have always had pretty good service from My Protein, in the past they didn’t seem to be the quickest at dispatching and delivering orders but recently the delivery times have improved a fair bit which is great and I now receive my order within one or two working days.  My Protein’s prices are already low but you can also use the price matcher tool on the My Protein website to bring the prices down even more if a rival offers better prices.  They offer a massive range of bodybuilding supplements, in this My Protein review I’ve just touched the surface and talked about the main supplements I use in my everyday diet.

Overall, to round up the My Protein review, they are a great company to order bodybuilding supplements from, their prices are lower than the main brands on the market and the quality of the product is high.  Delivery is fast and reliable (I choose the DPD option) and they also offer weekly and daily deals on a range of their supplements and products.

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