The Curse Pre Workout Review

The Curse Pre Workout Review“Unleash your true potential with the supernatural power of The Curse!”

That’s what it says on the tub! So we thought we better give The Curse a go and review it ourselves.

The Curse – Mix-ability and Texture

The Curse is a very fine and light powder, we added 2 scoops to a regular supplement shaker along with 300ml of water. The regular dosage is 1-3 scoops. It only needed a couple of shakes and The Curse was fully dissolved, on consumption there were no lumps at all and the shake itself didn’t have a grainy texture like some other pre workout supplements that we’ve tried in the past.

The Curse – Taste

We opted for Blue Raspberry flavour, it’s fantastic! We were very impressed, obviously the main reason to buy a pre workout supplement is for the pump/mental focus but the great taste is a nice bonus.

The Curse – Effectiveness

We had the usual tingling sensation that you get with most pre workout supplements, caused by the beta alanine which we spotted in the ingredients list when examining the tub.

The Curse did seem to give us a strong mental focus and drive to work out, we couldn’t wait to get started in the gym.

We chose to use the curse for our chest workout and both of us trying the supplement felt a good pump throughout our working sets. Vascularity was slightly improved and we felt well energised (presumably from the high caffeine content) during the workout.

No real signs of strength gains were present, which were to be expected quite honestly but the overall pump and mental focus were most notable and lived up to our expectations.

The Curse – Our Verdict

Here at Gym Blog we’re not huge fans of pre workout supplements, we like to keep things simple! But to be honest both of us were quite impressed with The Curse and although we can’t see ourselves using The Curse for every single workout, we will still look to use The Curse every now and then in the future if we fancy that extra boost.

So if pre workouts are your thing, it’s a definite buy from us. If you’ve never used pre workouts before it’s certainly worth trying, but don’t put pre workout supplements ahead of general nutrition in terms of importance when looking to reach your goals in the gym.

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