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From Jay to ZI brought Jay Cutler’s DVD From Jay to Z last year from amazon UK and thought I would give it a quick review for Gym Blog readers since there doesn’t seem to be any other reviews on Amazon’s own website.  I must have watched it a good few times already as it’s such a long DVD there’s a lot to take in, you definitely get your money’s worth for sure.

It’s not your typical bodybuilding DVD where you just get to see Jay spending time in the gym, there is a lot more too it than that. From Jay to Z contains many other interesting aspects of Jay’s personal life surrounding his workouts, giving you the full insight into the current Mr Olympia’s lifestyle.

From Jay to Z was filmed after Jay’s epic 2006 Mr Olympia victory, defeating the legendary Ronnie Coleman.  It features various different appearances as Mr Olympia at events and shows such as Jay’s appearance at the Arnold Classic Expo and bodybuilding competition won by Victor Martinez.  The DVD also shows Jay at Max Muscle Venice making a promotional appearance with other top bodybuilding stars and fitness athletes.

As well as guest appearances, the DVD also manages to delve deep into Jay’s work within in the gym.  From Jay to Z showcases brilliant footage of Jay’s workouts as he prepares for the following years Mr Olympia competition including workouts at the MECCA gym, Muscle Beach and training in his hometown of Las Vegas.  Jay’s talks us through his routines and also passes on useful tips along the way.  Jay also pays visit to his neuromuscular therapist who he visits on a regular basis to help prevent the wear and tear of a top level bodybuilder.  Another extremely interesting and otherwise unknown insight into the reigning Mr Olympias busy schedule.

Finally, Jay himself takes us on a personal tour of his home where we get to see how he lives life away from the gym.  Jay cooks up his meals, shows us his cars, goes shopping and plays with his lovable dogs, really showing off his personality away from the bodybuilding stage.

All in all I thought this was an absolutely fantastic DVD, watchable by anyone.  Even my brother who watched most of it with me really enjoyed it, certainly winning Jay Cutler another bodybuilding fan.  Two DVDs are supplied with over 6 and a half hours of footage including extras making this DVD brilliant value for money and a must buy for any bodybuilding or Jay Cutler fan.

From Jay to Z can be purchased from Amazon, the number 1 online supplier for DVDs and Books in the UK.

Jay Cutler: From Jay to Z (2pc) (Col) [DVD] [2008] [US Import]

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