Quench Your Thirst – Diet Friendly Drinks

Diet Friendly DrinksDieting can be tough, sometimes it’s good to mix things up a bit to help keep yourself sane whilst also keeping in target of your weight loss goals.

In this short blog post we will recommend some of our favourite diet friendly drinks that you can treat yourself with every now and then that won’t disrupt your diet or have an adverse effect on your health!

Sugar Free Fruit Squashes

Make sure you avoid ones using aspartame as their source of artificial sweetener, look for sucralose on the label instead. You have also got to be careful with fruit squashes that include large amounts of fruit juice as these can be full of additional calories.

Flavoured Sparkling Water

Tesco do a great variety of flavours that use sucralose instead of aspartame as their source of artificial sweetener. They are really refreshing once chilled in the fridge and highly recommended.

Diet Soda

Sainsbury’s do a good range of classic cola, lemonade and other popular fizzy drinks that also use sucralose instead of aspartame as their source of artificial sweetener.

Black Coffee

Coffee is great for an energy boost from its caffeine content. It can be a good pick me up for early mornings or a useful pre workout stimulant. By taking your coffee black you are ingesting no extra calories or lactose from additional milk.

Green tea

Green tea can help speed up your metabolism to improve weight loss and it makes a nice change from regular tea or coffee.


Not forgetting the basics and what should be your staple source of fluids.

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