Don’t forget your legs

Don't forget your legsOn countless occasions I see people posting their routines or progress pictures on the Internet focussing solely on their upper body. Now don’t get me wrong, some of these people have made fantastic progress which is great, however I would always encourage the building of a balanced physique. Some people like to focus on the muscles that get them noticed, the t-shirt muscles… Often referred to by hardcore trainers as the bicep brigade. You know the ones I mean, that walk around with a chest and bicep imbalance when compared to their relatively untrained back and legs.

So if you are looking to build up your legs to accompany your upper body and build the complete physique, here are some top tips.

1. Train your legs like any other muscle group, keep the weight heavy and the reps steady.
2. Some people like to use larger rep ranges when squatting, however i prefer a standard 8/10 rep range. I would advise you try whatever works best for you. As long as the weight is of enough force to create a high enough intensity you should progress well.
3. Perform a full range of motion. When squatting, go deep. Ass to the grass if you like! If you can’t perform a full repetition using the correct form, drop the weight. It may in turn damage your ego but it certainly won’t damage your progress.
4. Don’t neglect your hamstrings, by building up your quads yet leaving your hamstrings be, you will form a muscular imbalance that can potentially result in injury and muscle strains.
5. Persistence. For many people, calfs can be an awkward muscle to build. They can be relatively stubborn but as long as you continue to challenge them week in week out they will grow. Try to keep the weight and intensity as high as possible and you will see progress.

3 Responses to “Don’t forget your legs”

  1. I would like to strenghten my legs muscle but I dont want to look too musculos, do you know any good exercises?

  2. Those chest and back brigade are often the younger kids, maybe the early to mid 20s lot! They do my head in, Thy’re guna be screwed by the time their postural degeneration kicks up! Its all about the stiff leg deadlifts, the clean and presses and the squats! Anyone who don’t do these are wuss’! Man up!

  3. I think i made the mistake of not doing my legs for about a year! Now that i think about it was quite stupid!

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