High Intensity Interval Training Workouts – HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

The key to high intensity interval training is to perform cardio that alternates between high intensity and low intensity activity.  By alternating between the two we can work our body at its hardest for multiple short bursts of time. This keeps your body burning calories longer after your workout so it can be great for fat loss. Not only is high intensity interval training great for fat loss, it also gets you fit! The stop start feel to it ties in really well with sports such as football and rugby where you are sprinting then jogging, sprinting then jogging and so on.

So onto a simple high intensity interval training routine that you can get started with:

5 minute jog to warm up

20 second sprint
60 second slow jog
(Repeat 8-10 times)

10 minute jog to warm down

Once you find you are getting fitter using the above high intensity interval training routine you can do either one of three things:

-Increase the duration of the sprint or high intensity activity

-Decrease the duration of the slow jog or low intensity activity

-Increase the amount of times you repeat the intervals

The great thing about high intensity interval training workouts is how universal they can be. For example you can use the above routine with running, cycling and swimming.

The only piece of equipment you need is an interval timer to tell you when to work at high intensity and when to rest at low intensity. The best interval timer we can recommend is the Gymboss interval timer. It can be had for just £15.00 on Amazon and makes a great purchase for anyone wanting to kick-start their cardio regime with interval training.

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  1. Great article; I really think HIIT is the way forward in getting in shape. What do you think of HIIT and Swimming? I’m currently trying to do “swim sprints” and finding them so good for burning through fat!

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