Mass Building Routine – Bodybuilding 5×5 Workout

Mass Building RoutineOur 3 day split bodybuilding routine went down well, so we thought we would write up another 3 day bodybuilding routine for you to try focussing mainly on compound exercises and movements.

Once again this routine is a serious mass builder, it’s also a simple routine with less exercises to follow as the routine is designed to be used with a 5×5 workout rep range.

We have split the routine up into a push, pull, and legs plan. This means you will be focussing on all pushing exercises that work your chest and triceps on one day, pulling exercises that work your back and biceps on another day and then finally legs exercises on the other.

The key to this routine is to really go at it! You need to push yourself to the max to force your body to grow. It’s a good idea to keep a log of the weights you are using and try to increase the weight as much as possible each workout. Realistically you can look to add 2-5kg every couple of weeks to your compound exercises. If you don’t increase the weight you aren’t working your body hard enough therefore you won’t reap the rewards of this excellent mass building routine.

Workout Day 1 – Pull


Barbell rows

Close grip chins

At least 1 days rest

Workout Day 2 – Push

Flat barbell or dumbbell bench

Barbell or dumbbell shoulder press

Tricep dips

At least 1 days rest

Workout Day 3 – Legs

Back Squats

Straight leg deadlifts

Standing calf raises

At least 1 or 2 days rest then back to day 1

Alternative exercises for the 5×5 workout

To keep the routine fresh and interesting as well as your body guessing feel free to mix up any of the following exercises with the alternative exercises provided below.


Barbell rows > Wide grip pull ups

Close grip chins > Barbell curls


Flat barbell or dumbbell bench > Incline barbell or dumbbell bench

Tricep dips > Close grip bench press


Back squats > Front squats

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  1. We LOVE the 5×5 bodybuilding workout, if done properly you can make some serious gains in strength and size.

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