Shoulder Workout – The key to adding mass

Shoulder WorkoutI love working shoulders in the gym, they seem to be my most responsive muscle group. This obviously makes them much more enjoyable to train, especially when progress can be made in a relatively short time frame. However I believe my results are largely down to my simple training routine and high intensity mentality.

I first started off training my shoulders on the same day as legs within a three say split as can be seen with the Gym Blog simple three day split routine. I would focus on controlled and deliberate compound movements using the heaviest weight possible whilst being able to maintain solid form.

My two favourite exercises for adding shoulder mass where overhead shoulder presses and upright barbell rows. I would usually complete a couple of sets of shoulder presses working my way up the weight where I would finish my final set at the highest intensity possible until I could barely lift the bar an inch above the resting points across my shoulders. I like to alternate repetitions between behind and in-front of the neck presses. Once I had completed my working set of shoulder presses I would move onto upright barbell rows. I like to focus on the negative as well as the positive repetition to get every last squeeze out of the exercise. In the same fashion as shoulder pressing I would work my way up to a final set at maximum intensity.

I’ve found that I made impressive gains by keeping it simple and looking to progress each week. I now like to introduce other more isolated shoulder exercises to enhance my routine, however there is no way I would drop the above exercises. They have been the cornerstone of my shoulder workouts and are proven to yield impressive results.

So, keep it simple and happy lifting. Let me know how you get on.

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